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TeeKeeWee (fr)


Spinning the desks for more than 10 years, her singular style opens up on a wide electronic range. 

Crossing between dark progressive & melodic techno, acid hints, classic roots, & melted with tribal rythms, mindfull melodies & unexpected influences.


Since 2015 she made full part of some renowned Techno Concept Teams, along who she grew up & built her music universe according to her feelings & her personality along the years.


Nowadays, as the world is facing an unpredecedent & global sanitary outbreak, music & DJing approach had to adapt to a lot of sudden restricting rules, hitting nightlife & event industry especially hard. To keep the vibe alive despite these awfull circumstances, she stays tuned to her supporting base on several music platforms & social medias,


& she recently joined two solid BELGIUM Techno Concepts Teams, who are already working hard to set everything ready for the after-pandemic BELGIUM techno scene renewal.


- Techno Addicts Belgium (BE)


- TNL The Next Level Techno (BE)

- Boccacio Beach OOSTENDE (BE)


- Future Stage (BE)

- Backstage EEKLO (BE)

- MWS Radio (BE)

- BadaBoOm (BE)

- Decadance GENT (BE)

- Event Walk (BE)

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