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THE RHYTHM-FIXXER (Jonathan Dalle)

Born in Ostend february 19th 1983
He started to listen to electronic music at the  age of 14 and  he knew this would be the music for him
He started to listen to Hardcore and later on his first Techno rave

He fell in love with this future space electronic music style
He always dreamed that one day he would play 
and produce Techno music to make people dance

He started to mix at age of 21 and one year later he was mixing at his first party
Then 12 years later he started to compose his own sound

The style’s he developed is 


Techno,Hard Techno,Peak Time Techno,Hypnotic Techno,Minimal Techno and Melodic Techno


His track selection and mixing skills make a perfect combo to set the dancefloor on fire
Energetic Techno is what he brings

Heavy pounding beats,energetic synths and percussions,smashing snares,sharp rides and hi-hats 
are the perfect ingrediënts to bring the people in extase and make them dancing

Style: Peaktime/Hypnotic/Minimal & Hard Techno
Labels: Trench Digital Records,Subwoofer Records,Jambalay Records,Ilisho Records,Nacht Records,Bataklank Records,Frame worxx Records,
DnG Records,let’s Techno Records,Aliënator Records
Music Evolutiontheory,SMR Underground,Society Music Recordings Limited,Bunker Records

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