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I started playing the decks at the age 17 and since then I have performed at several electronic music events and clubs in Belgium and other country's. Music has always been a big passion for me. I am indescribable passionate by everything this is electronic music and sound. From an early age, I accompanied my parents to the record-store, where I was learning a lot of different genres and generations of music along the way. When I got older I got passionate by electronic music which lead me to start spinning Acid, Acid-Techno, Tekno, Core, Hardtek ,Techno, Minimal and Tech House in 1998. Very soon I discovered mixing genres were contributing to my succes as DJ and that variation was becoming the main element of my style no matter the style. The passion for music just kept growing and it didn't take long for me to become a known face in the local nightscene and beyond, bringing the music to party's, clubs and after-clubs on a regular basis. 2009 marked the year I started producing but my biggest love will always remain mixing.

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