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BeiN'Nch (BE)


Only started mixing recently due too Covid19 as way off expressing myself,

coping with the otherwise uncopable and just for letting my love for electronic music endure.


But honestly my soul was already won by the sounds of house, techno and minimal music for a good decade. The main reason being that I love the strong sense of confidence the music gives me.

Back then my focus was always fixed on dancing and going out with friends.


Luckily I have had the habit of showing my love for these genre's by collecting tracks as often as I could.

This is now definitely paying of for becoming a good dj.

I knew I would one day want to remember those exact moment to relive those memories.. and maybe try and (re)create memories of my own.

Thus the decision to get up and get behind the turning wheel.


Up untill now most of them are played on pioneer rx1 or my own setup at home; Pioneer cdj's 2000 Allen and heath xone 43c mixer.

Enjoy the music !

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